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Infinite Industries: Monthly Curated Artwork Downloads

Infinite Industries invites everyone to be challenged and enriched by the contemporary art experience. We believe that art can mean more than mass produced prints from big box stores. At the same time, powerful art does not need to come with a prohibitive price tag. Each month, we feature a work of art that is available to download for free. We pair the release of each piece with materials that help you learn about the work and the artist who created it.

March-April 2017, Cartoon Bubble Sunset, Amanda Church

March-April 2017

Cartoon Bubble Sunset

Amanda Church


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The floating imagery of Amanda Church’s “Cartoon Bubble Sunset” depicts vibrant irreverence, uplifting the bright palettes that beam at us from mass media with equal pleasure as a traditionally viewed sunset. Speech bubble or sunset, comma or balloon, sperm or egg sac, this piece embodies pop sensibility and invites the viewer into Amanda’s sheer pleasure of painting. Amanda fills the piece with large expanses of color, contained by an elegant border. The viewer’s eye oscillates between the colors and the open white areas of the page: constantly moving between representation and abstraction. Read More...

Amanda Church is an artist and writer living and working in New York City and a recipient of a 2015 Guggenheim Fellowship for Fine Art. Her paintings’ overarching Pop ethos has consistently referenced the body in landscape, and of late has veered toward figuration, with recognizable body parts populating what remains an essentially abstract arena.

Her paintings have been exhibited widely throughout the United States and Europe and over the years she has contributed to a variety of publications, including Flash Art, Art in America, ARTnews, and Art Papers. Amanda has also co-curated three shows to date, two – “Tract” and “Sunrise Sunset”– with art historian Courtney J. Martin, and the third – “Data Panic” – with fellow artist Franklin Evans. Amanda’s work was featured in Sharon Louden’s 2013 book, Living and Sustaining a Creative Life, with a concurrent show at Aberson Exhibitions in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her most recent solo exhibition was at Espacio 20/20 Gallery in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and she has another upcoming in 2017 at Galerie du Tableau in Marseille, France.

Additional works can be viewed on the artist's website.