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Our lives are a series of several consecutive loops. These come in the form of short habitual repetitions – and long instructive repeatings in our histories – and through our memories where we reflect on, or long for, what was. Paired with these loops we find ourselves immersed in virtual environments. These digital spaces are where we go to work, find refuge, seek pleasure, argue our opinions, decompress at the end of the day, engage in entertainment, provide education, and receive knowledge. Artists in the Loop exhibition create artworks in the mediums of video, websites and digital interactives that engage with these loops that make up our lives. Through this virtual exhibition viewers can take the time to intersect with art in its digitally native space to consider the ideas related to habits, histories, memories, meditation, time and discovery.

Exhibiting Artists

Maarten Baas - Melana Barnhart - Nikolaus Baumgarten - Brianna Lynn Hernández Baurichter - Jason Bernagozzi Isaac Cohen - Renee Dennison - Cami Galofre - Dynasty Handbag - Heather Stratton

Exhibition Programming via Zoom

Thursday, January 21 - 7-8pm - Artist Talk by Jibz Cameron / Dynasty Handbag - Pre-Register Here

Thursday, February 11 - 7-8pm - Artist Panel Discussion with Malena Barnhart, Jason Bernagozzi, and Heather Stratton - Pre-Register Here