Shelter in Place

Online Resource Presented by The Parachute Factory


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We, as well as the rest of the world, will look back on this time period and reflect upon how we reacted and responded to events of the Covid-19 outbreak: how it affected our economy, our country, and how we saw each other. The group exhibition, Shelter in Place, is a response to these events from the eyes of current and recent digital photography students from the University of Kentucky’s School of Art & Visual Studies department. With the help of their instructor, artists made digital photography works representing how they are dealing with the pandemic experience. Whether it be the artists’ growing respect for healthcare workers, their self isolation, or even the hobbies that help them escape the stresses of modern life, each piece reflects this. 

It is with great pride that I share a show that was made during one of the most challenging semesters for my fellow educators' careers, as well as our students' careers. Through social distancing, video conferences, and file sharing, we put together a collective body of work that shows off our communities' concerns and pride. We hope that this work will be looked back upon, years from now, as a unique example of artists responding to their locale, highlighting our community’s unique experience. 


James Robert Southard

Senior Lecturer of Photography, School of Art & Visual Studies, University of Kentucky