KY Artists Care: Color Me Team Kentucky Project

Coloring pages needed!!!! Instead of an artist of the week, we are asking for illustrators to come together and create coloring pages for fun, education, to help with anxiety and boredom, anything you can muster up. Let's share our work!

Just draw something (black and white obviously) and send them to us so that we can post them. From there, anyone and everyone will be free to download and print, or request the pages via or direct message. 

We will be posting coloring pages we recieve until all this blows over. We will have weekly artists starting up again, but this is a project we're starting so when boredom and anxiety creeps in, whether it be you, your children, or those you are caring for, we will have original illustrations that you won't find in any book. 

We will give the illustratiors credit. Please consider doing this small task for your community. Anything at all that us, as Kentucky artists can do to help, we will. Art can serve a much higher purpose.

If you're an illustrator who is not from Kentucky, SEND THEM ANYWAY! This project includes everyone during these trying times.

Please no nudity, graphic content, or COVID19 related content. 

Send your coloring pages to 

Thank you.