2020 UK Digital Media Blast! Quarantine Edition!

Every semester the School of Art & Visual Studies presents a juried festival of Digital Media projects our students have created in various classes, including Lens Arts, Digital Video, Animation and more. We always show this on the 'big screen' in a theater, but this year it is not possible because of the mandated social distancing orders. We decided to present the Digital Media Blast! in a film festival format you can all enjoy in the comfort of your homes this semester. Please share freely and widely with family and friends. There are several categories to check out that include work from freshmen through to seniors. Please feel free to leave comments for our students! Make sure to expand the info below each category if you want to skip ahead to a particular student's work. Congratulations to everyone who made the cut into the 2020 Digital Media Blast! Quarantine Edition! Enjoy!