Adult Improv Classes

Leeds Center for the Arts

37 North Main Street, Winchester, Kentucky 40391

Saturday, February 17th
10:00pm - 11:00pm EST
Admission Fee: $150 for 8 weeks.

“The famous bedrock improv mantra ‘Yes and’ is a perfect example of a small statement with a larger truth. At first glance, it’s just practical advice for how to improvise a scene without a script. You agree with information and add to it.

But, we improvisers know there is a far more ambitious mandate buried in that phrase. We hear that word “yes” and we know we’re being asked to be brave and adventurous, not just in our scenes but in our whole lives. We hear the word “and,” and we know we are being told to make a decision, to take a stand, not to be satisfied with simply watching things go by.

So many improv sayings sound like directives for your life:

  • ‘Why is today important?’
  • ‘Treat the audience like poets and geniuses.’
  • ‘Speak to the most important thing.’
  • ‘Don’t be coy.’
  • ‘Find the love.’

That’s why the people who love improv obsess as much about the teaching of it as the doing of it. You can use a simple mantra like ‘if this is true, then what else is true?’ as a simple tool, or puzzle over its deeper meaning as if it were a Zen koan. “-Will Hines-

In this course we will focus on Longform Improv. We will be working on sharpening individual aspects of scene work and learning the core concepts of improvised theatre. Throughout the course students will develop skills for speaking publicly without a script, active listening, group mind, and many others that are applicable in the theatre and outside of it as well.

Ages 18+. Saturdays 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM from Feb. 17-Apr. 6, 2024. 8 Weeks. $150. Teaching Artist: Josiah Correll