Haunted House Painting Workshop

Online Event Presented by Art Center of the Bluegrass

Tuesday, October 27th
10:00pm - 12:00am
Admission Fee: $28 per person

What sort of ghosts and goblins are waiting inside that creepy haunted house? This painting is the perfect addition to your Halloween decor.

Your instructor will guide you from blank canvas to finished masterpiece in this two-hour class. Your $28 registration fee includes all supplies. Register online at www.artcenterky.org/starry-night-studio. No previous experience is required.

Please select online or in-person instruction at checkout. The in-person version of this class will adhere to social distancing requirements. One painter will be seated at each table (unless they are members of the same household). Masks must be worn.

The online class will be broadcast simultaneously via Zoom. You will pick up your supplies the day before class is scheduled. An instructional assistant will be present to monitor the Zoom feed and relay questions to the instructor. A two-camera feed provides both a close-up view of the instructor's canvas and a wider angle that shows the instructor while working.