Yacouba Sissoko

Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center

141 East Main Street, Lexington, Kentucky 40507

Friday, April 5th
7:00pm - 9:00pm EDT
Admission Fee: $25

A renowned Kora Master, Yacouba Sissoko comes from a Djeli family of Malian musicians dating back centuries. He has modernized the Kora sound collaborating with contemporary music greats such as Harry Belafonte, Lauryn Hill and Paul Simon.

For centuries, Djelis (or Griot in French) have been the musical storytellers, a position that is inherited through a family bloodline. Highly respected within their communities, they are the keepers of the factual history and the fictional fables of past rulers, nobles, social groups and families.

Join us as Yacouba and 4 other master musicians from Mali take us on a journey to West African! Their music is mesmerizing!