FCPS & The Lyric Present: Honoring Black Excellence

The Lyric Theatre & Cultural Arts Center

300 East Third Street, Lexington, Kentucky 40508

Saturday, February 24th
6:00pm - 8:00pm EST

Fayette County Public Schools proudly announces a collaborative initiative with the esteemed Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center to provide a dynamic platform for students to showcase their diverse talents and aspirations. Moreover, throughout the month of February, an inspiring art gallery will display exceptional student work, fostering creativity and celebrating the vibrant artistic expressions within our community.

This groundbreaking collaboration between FCPS and the Lyric Theatre aims to empower students by providing an avenue to highlight their talents, aspirations, and unique artistic voices. The initiative seeks to nurture creativity, self-expression, and innovation among students while promoting a culture of appreciation for diverse forms of artistry.

Furthermore, the art gallery exhibition, running throughout February, will serve as a testament to the remarkable creativity and vision of our students. This display will feature an array of captivating artworks, showcasing the ingenuity and talent present within Fayette County Public Schools.

Through this partnership, both organizations are committed to fostering a supportive environment that encourages students to explore their creative potential and celebrate their accomplishments.

The art gallery exhibition will be open to the public at the Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center throughout the month of February. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness the inspiring creativity and artistic brilliance of our students.