Front Porch Jazz Series @ Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden

Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden

Saturday, August 28th
10:00pm - 12:00am
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JOIN US SATURDAY JULY 10 6PM for a free jazz concert featuring Special Session at the Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden on the corner of 3rd St. and Midland Ave. in Lexington KY. This concert kicks off our inaugural From the Front Porch Jazz series sponsored by Phoenix Rising Lexington and Friends of Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden.

Bring your chair or cushion, dinner, drinks, sunglasses, a big straw hat, a blanket and whatever you need to enjoy music and friends...just like Isaac and Lucy Murphy entertained friends on their front porch in their two story mansion home in the 1880-90s on this very spot!

Isaac Murphy, 3 time winner of the Kentucky Derby (1884,1890,1891) with a 44% winning record is regarded as "the greatest jockey of all time". We are honored to lift up his legacy and entertain folks on his front porch! JOIN US!

Phoenix Rising LEX FREE summer events include:

1) July 10, and Aug 28 "From the Front Porch Jazz"


2) Sept. 25th Phoenix Festival.