Indelible: The photography of James Archambeault, John Stephen Hockensmith, Linda Bruckheimer, and Deirdre Lyons

Headley-Whitney Museum

Friday, September 11th
2:00pm - 8:00pm
Sunday, November 15th
3:00pm - 9:00pm
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Admission Fee: $10

The exhibit features a 40 year retrospective of award-winning photographer, James Archambeault. Known for his breathtaking photos of Kentucky, Archambeault, who died in 2019, published more than 5 books and 35 calendars. His stunning photos were a result of his skill, patience and solitude. He was known to wait long periods for the perfect shot. The exhibit includes over 60 of some of his finest work.

Kentucky native, John Stephen Hockensmith, known for his premier skills as an equine photographer, print maker and artist, features The Chrysalis Project, an artistic journey that chronicles the astounding life and migration of the eastern Northern American monarch butterfly. Hockensmith also features Kentucky in Back to Creation, which explores the nature of light as it feels its way across the landscape. With 21st-century photographic techniques, Hockensmith offers homage to the 20th-century master photographer printmakers like Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Man Ray, Cartier Bresson, and all the artist photographers that had profound influences on his artistic directions and desires.

Linda Bruckheimer, an American novelist, photographer and preservationist, was born in Kentucky. Though she has traveled the world, she returned to her original home, Kentucky, a location she finds to be textured and full of surprises. She captures both the familiar and undiscovered to do visual justice to the people and places she loves above all others.

Deirdre Lyons, an avant-garde amateur photographer, showcases her passion for African safari in her debut photo exhibition, Cool Cats

Photography combines her lifelong love of both artistic expression and the wonder of nature. In these images, she captures the grace and power of big cats on the prowl.