A Mask on the Mountains: Dimensions of COVID in Appalachia

Online Resource Presented by Appalshop

This year, Appalshop invited seven young people to produce audio pieces through the Summer Documentary Institute, all on the same subject — COVID-19. Their work aired in July on WMMT 88.7 FM, and the reception has already been tremendous.

These works are now available to stream:

Two Branches: Sports vs. a Pandemic by Sean Hall

You're meeting so many people. You don't know if they have coronavirus. So when you go to practice, you think 'Should I even be here? Am I going to hurt somebody?

Behind Closed Doors (During a Pandemic) by Jamie Shepherd

We heard from survivors, "I've been so isolated for such a period of time and no one else has laid eyes on me that either I leave right now and get help, or I'm going to get killed."

Foster Care in a Pandemic World by Hannah Adams

With no social workers going in, you can't see what's going on in that home.

A Prepaid Call for Help: Prisons in a Pandemic by Madison Buchanan

I have yet to have access to chemicals to sanitize my cell, nor to have my ill-fitting sneeze guard washed regularly ... I am constantly subjected to exposure.

Symptom of Slavery: Racism in Healthcare During a Pandemic by Abby Enfuse

Obviously there's going to be a disparity in [COVID-19] treatment and testing because that that happens where? In hospitals. Where are hospitals? Not in black neighborhoods.

College Students in a Pandemic by Nikole Lee

When I think about when I had to leave college, that's what I think about: it sucked.

 Cancelled Culture by Alyssa Helton

A whole string of cancelations of various events and gatherings and get-togethers ... it was like a string of dominoes falling.